Right to Repair: 43,000 letters of support

July 20, 2011

When dozens of supporters of the "Right to Repair" legislation filled a State House hearing room in Massachusetts last month, the Right to Repair Coalition presented 28,000 letters of support to the committee (see Right to Repair: Can 28,000 people be wrong?).

 It was a strong showing of support for passage of a bill that would require vehicle manufacturers to sell to independent car repairers the same repair code data they now sell or give to their franchise dealers. The support has continued since the hearing, with 15,000 more letters of support coming in, raising the total to 43,000 letters.

“This bill is all about consumer choice and convenience and this weekly increase in support will show legislators that consumers want this law to pass,” says Right to Repair Coalition spokesman Art Kinsman.

More letters are expected in the coming days as support for the legislation grows.

“Consumers, our members, anyone that owns a vehicle should have the right to choose where they get their car fixed,” says John Paul, the American Automobile Association’s (AAA’s) Car Doctor. “This freedom will lead to safer and more reliable vehicles and that has always been a priority for AAA.”

The bill is now awaiting a vote in the Massachusetts House Consumer Affairs Committee. In the interim, consumers are picking up postcards at their local repair shops and parts stores in an effort to rally behind the bill.

Several organizations support the bill, including the New England Tire and Service Association, Retailers Association of Massachusetts, The National Federation of Independent Businesses, the Automotive Recyclers Association, the Aftermarket Industry Association and more than 1,500 independent auto repairers across Massachusetts.