Branick offers ROI analysis of fleets

Sept. 15, 2011

Branick Industries Inc. is offering a free return-on-investment analysis to fleet owners. The analysis is tied to independent research studies in order to prove what a fleet can save by switching to nitrogen inflation.

“In this industry, everyone knows that under- and over-inflated tires wear very quickly, so constant maintenance is needed to stay ahead of the costs,” says Brian Brasch, president of Branick Industries. “Now, with tire prices rising drastically, many companies are looking at alternatives in order to make tires last longer.”

The results of the research indicate nitrogen increases both tire life and vehicle fuel economy. Brasch estimates a fleet can save up to $4,200 per tractor each year by using nitrogen inflation.

Removing oxygen from the tire also eliminates oxidation and condensation, which damage inner liners, steel belts and rims.

“One of the issues fleets face are costs due to down times on the side of the road because of blowouts, and tech or service costs spent fixing or replacing tires,” says Brasch. “Having a more consistent tire pressure, less corrosion due to oxidation, and cooler running tires is definitely saving companies money during these times of tire price increases.”

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