Tire Pros Develops a Playbook to Guide its Franchisees

Feb. 10, 2018

Tire Pros Francorp. is "dealer-driven." That differentiates the franchise program from similar programs, says Ron Sinclair, senior vice president of retail strategy and partnerships for its parent company, American Tire Distributors Inc.

A record 965 attendees to the 8th annual Tire Pros Dealer Business Conference would have a hard time arguing otherwise after they listened to the changes proposed by their four Mission-Based Councils and implemented by the eight-dealer National Dealer Council. The four Mission-Based Councils, also made up of eight tire dealers each, address customer experience, marketing, training and technology issues.

One of the key initiatives unveiled at the conference was the Tire Pros 2018 Official Playbook, developed by the franchisees to provide direction on how to operate a Tire Pros retail facility in order to:

1. maximize customer acquistion/retention;

2. assure operational efficiencies, and

3. optimize business profitability.

The Playbook, which defines the various policies that must be followed, and recommended procedures Tire Pros says "have proven to effectively support a policy," emphasizes the importance of image -- outdoor, indoor and online.  

Quick Chadwick, ATD's director of marketing services, also updated the dealers on the Tire Pros Hassle-Free Pledge, which is part of the Playbook and guarantees a no-hassle experience for the consumer. Some 200 out of the 510 Tire Pros dealers (representing 715 outlets) have implemented the program to date.

The marketing council shared a preview of the TV spot, "A Return to Simplicity," which is part of the 2018 national campaign that will be launching in Q2 for all dealers. The campaign will also include digital banners, on-line video, print ads and in-store collateral. All of these marketing assets support the Tire Pros hassle-free brand promise.

The Customer Experience Council updated dealers on the Net Promotor Score pilot currently underway. Tire Pros expects to roll-out this important customer satisfaction measurement tool over the next six months.

The Training Council launched the new ProStars dealer evaluation program, which will replace the Five Diamond program. ProStars will strengthen the Tire Pros network of dealers as they strive for operational excellence and deliver on the ever-increasing expectations of retail consumers. ProStars will also recognize outstanding franchisee performance in 2018.

The Technology council updated dealers on a robust benchmarking tool that will enable Tire Pros franchisees to measure their performance on an ongoing basis. This online dashboard will contain not only regional and national benchmarks, but also annual goals established by the Tire Pros owner operator. As Perry Leonard, National Dealer Council president said, "If we can't measure it, we can't manage it."

“As the marketplace and the expectations of the retail consumer continue to evolve, ATD and Tire Pros remain focused on providing our franchisees with the tools, technologies and services to win in their markets,” said Sinclair.

On Feb. 10, franchisees were honored by Tire Pros for superior performance in 2017 during a morning awards ceremony. The 2017 winners were:

Young Tire Pros Dealer of the Year: Brad and Ryan Goff, Roger’s Tire Pros, Caldwell, Idaho.

Community Partner of the Year: Tom Davis, Discount Tire Outlet Tire Pros, Massillon, Ohio.

Excellence in Engagement Award: Louie Gomez, Prescott Tire Pros and Automotive Service, Prescott, Ariz.

“Each year, it is our honor to recognize and celebrate top-performers at the conference," said Sinclair. "These dealers consistently outperform the market and work very hard to deliver outstanding service and the Tire Pros brand promise to retail consumers every day.”