Monro Offers Amazon Tire Installation in 10 States

Oct. 11, 2018

Monro Inc.'s tire installation partnership with is expanding to another 330 stores in 10 states.

The company initially offered tire installation to Amazon customers at Mr. Tire Auto Service Centers in the Baltimore, Md. area. When that service began, Monro indicated it would eventually expand to all of Monro's stores in the U.S. The company says that roll out will continue "over the course of the next year."

Amazon shoppers in Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Tennessee and Virginia now can select the ship-to-store option and choose from Monro's 382 stores in those states for installation. The service is avalable from several Monro-branded retail locations, not just the Mr. Tire stores as had been the case in Baltimore.

Brett Ponton, CEO and president of Monro, says, “We’re pleased with the results of the initial launch of our collaboration with, and are now expanding this option for tire installation to customers at a total of nearly 400 locations across the Eastern United States. Our preferred tire agreements with online retailers are a key initiative of our omni-channel strategy, and this expanded collaboration underscores the strong progress we have made as we continue to develop our online presence.”

Amazon's first tire installation partner was Sears.