KYB Americas Expands Its Truck/SUV Monotube Coverage

Dec. 8, 2017

KYB Americas Corp. has expanded its coverage of the growing truck, SUV and crossover market. The expansion includes growth in the twin-tube Excel-G and Strut-Plus lineups as well as additions to KYB’s monotube lines of Gas-a-Just and MonoMax shocks and struts.

Inclusions to KYB’s monotube shocks and struts include applications for half- and three-quarter-ton domestic and import trucks and SUV applications, as well.

“The growth of our coverage for the truck and SUV market in North America is vital to the overall success of the KYB brand,” KYB Product Manager Tim Oldiges says. “Listening to our customers is paramount to what we include in our product lineup when it comes to the truck market. When we announce a coverage expansion, particularly in our Gas-a-Just or MonoMax lineups, it is our customers who have spoken up about the benefits of having an upgraded KYB unit to help the vehicle. We feel strongly this recent expansion will provide increased sales for our distribution partners.”

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