Latest Hunter Consumer Video Explains Why Cars Need Wheel Alignments

Dec. 15, 2017

Hunter Engineering Co. has released an educational video for vehicle owners that explains why cars need wheel alignments.

The video covers the purpose and function of wheel alignment procedures and the importance of proper vehicle maintenance.

When a car is out of alignment, the driver may experience irregular tire wear, handling problems or a crooked steering wheel. Some alignment conditions can be corrected with simple adjustments, while others may require parts replacement.

Ignoring the signs of wheel misalignment can result in increased maintenance costs, premature or irregular tire wear resulting in reduced tire life or malfunction of driver assist systems.

“Approximately, 60% of vehicles on the road are out of alignment. Most of this misalignment is imperceptible to the vehicle owner, which is why it is so important to have alignment angles checked against the manufacturer specifications,” says Kaleb Silver, senior product manager for Hutner.

“Ignoring misalignment can drastically reduce tire life by causing tires to wear unevenly,” he says.

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