Auto Care Association To Create Telematics Playbook

May 9, 2016

The Auto Care Association has unveiled plans for the creation of an education campaign on telematics and the connected car for consumers, policymakers and the industry.

Representatives of the Powell Tate public relations agency, hired by the association, presented details to the association's board of directors regarding the strategic planning process they'll undertake to create the “playbook” to raise awareness of the implications of access to vehicle diagnostic data to vehicle owners and the auto care industry.

Key deliverables will include consumer, industry and policymaker research, creative development, messaging, audience targeting strategies, advocacy strategy, and measurement.

“Our association has identified telematics as its number one priority, and the leadership has authorized the resources necessary for us to step up to the plate and create a strategic communications and advocacy campaign playbook,” says Bill Hanvey, CEO and president of the Auto Care Association. “We have every intention of sharing the research findings, strategies, and tactics with other stakeholders in the industry and encourage these partners to help raise the awareness and understanding of the realities of vehicle telematics pertaining to diagnostic data access.”

“We must ensure that vehicle owners have the right to direct their vehicle’s diagnostic data to independent repair shops. And we must ensure that the independent aftermarket has the same access to the data as the car companies. If the consumer owns their vehicle, they own the data too, and they should decide where the data is transmitted."

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