Camso Unveils On-Site Service for Forklift Tires

May 20, 2016

Camso Inc., formerly Camoplast Solideal, is launching an independent division called Solideal On-Site Service to provide on-site tire service for all material handling industries.

“The Solideal On-Site Service Division is 100% dedicated to providing our material handling customers with maximum equipment uptime," says Bob Bulger, vice president and general manager of the service. "As a service organization, our aim is to keep customers working and thereby maximize their productivity. This specialization creates improved levels of performance, leading to greater value for our dealers and material handling customers.”

Solideal On-Site Service is designed to provide tailor-made, convenient, full service forklift tire solutions at the best price per hour, delivered by experienced technicians. Solutions include on-site tire fitting, wheel exchange, in-depth fleet analyses and tire fill.

“Drawing on decades of industry experience, Solideal On-Site Service is well-positioned to ensure optimum service and tire solutions to meet the diverse needs of material handling customers. While Solideal On-Site Service remains a Camso-owned entity, we are committed to providing our customers with the best solution regardless of tire brand,” says Bulger. “The right product at the right time is what’s important here. This evolution is about optimizing forklift uptime and simplifying our customers’ on-site reality. We’ll continue to provide unparalleled tire service maintenance solutions while remaining committed to the partnerships we’ve developed over time with our clients.”

Solideal On-Site Service is an independent division of Camso.

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