Dill Sells Tool Kit for Truck Tire Valve Fixes

Aug. 3, 2016

Dill Air Controls Products LLC has created a complete truck valve installation tool kit.

Dill’s research and development team has worked alongside service technicians and many of the biggest fleet companies, studying their installation issues and learning more about the common causes of valve stem air leaks. After dissecting that information, Dill has created a complete truck valve installation tool kit for the automotive aftermarket and service industry.

“We were humbled by the support and feedback from major trucking companies as we worked to bring awareness to a problem as old as our industry can remember," says Larry Schlesinger, Dill’s chief engineer, and chair of The Tire and Rim Association Tube and Valve Standards committee. "The resulting tool kit enables any technician or servicing facility to clean, measure, and accurately torque valves to specifications as set forth by The Tire and Rim Association."

With the inclusion of a cleaning brush, Go/No-Go measuring tool, preset torque wrenches, and a T-handle hex wrench to hold the base of the valve stem from spinning during tightening; Dill’s 5720 Tool Kit is equipped to handle the variety of valves used in alloy and steel truck wheels.

A 90-second video of the 5720 Tool Kit can be found here.

For more information on Dill, visit www.dillaircontrols.com.