Bosch Designs New Battery Line for Commercial Vehicles

Aug. 17, 2016

Robert Bosch LLC has launched a heavy-duty battery product line developed to withstand the extreme conditions that are unique to heavy-duty vehicles, including extended idling and severe temperatures.

The Bosch Heavy Duty Battery line includes the Bosch T6 Battery with AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology, the Bosch T5 Dual Purpose Battery and the Bosch T4 Battery. These batteries provide coverage for over-the-road and local delivery trucks, fire-fighting vehicles, coaches and buses, and municipal vehicles.

The company says the batteries are maintenance-free and withstand extreme conditions for a long service life. The batteries include free-replacement warranties. Details on each of the battery types follow.

Bosch T6 Batteries

The company says the T6 battery with AGM technology offers a dependable power source for a large number of applications. Absorbent glass mat technology is among the newest innovations in battery design and construction. It incorporates special microfiber glass mats that absorb battery acid to protect the battery plates. The plates and glass mats are tightly arranged with an optimal level of compression to ensure premium performance and reinforced durability.

Benefits of the Bosch T6 include:

  • very long service life and doubled deep-cycle resistance compared to conventional batteries;
  • better vibration resistance;
  • superior performance under extreme climates;
  • excellent charge acceptance and starting power for vehicles with the highest electronic demands;
  • maintenance-free operation; and
  • two-year free replacement warranty.

Bosch T5 Dual Purpose and T4 Batteries

With substantial power reserves and full frame technology, the Bosch T5 and T4 Heavy Duty batteries deliver optimum current flow and ensure a long service life, according to the company.

Both batteries feature faster re-charging capabilities compared to conventional batteries, flushed tops for minimized risk of acid leakage, maintenance-free operation, and an 18-month free replacement warranty.

The company says benefits of the T5 Dual Purpose Battery include:

  • extended service life and deep-cycle resistance compared to conventional batteries;
  • very high starting power: reliable starting even after extended idle times; and
  • dual purpose functionality that provides reliable power supply for all electronic demand, even with the engine shut off.

Benefits of the Bosch T4 Battery include:

  • long service life and improved deep-cycle resistance compared to conventional batteries; and
  • high starting power: reliable starting even after extended idle times.

More information is available at the Bosch website.