OTC Is Offering a Free EVAP and Drivability Diagnostic Training Webinar

Sept. 13, 2016

How to quickly diagnose and fix common evaporative (EVAP) and drivability issues will be covered in a free training webinar for automotive technicians. The webinar will be presented by OTC, a Bosch Automotive Services brand, on Sept. 20, 2016 at 7 p.m. Central Time.

The webinar will highlight diagnostic tests, procedures and best practices that can speed up shop repair time when assessing issues in customer’s vehicles. OTC says the webinar will focus on:

  • How to diagnose EVAP system issues: Participants will learn test procedures for fuel tank pressure sensors, to help locate vehicle issues and assist with repair.
  • How to accurately perform forced DPF regenerations on medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines: Participants will observe a demonstration of how to set up the regeneration process, the best practices, and what to expect leading up to and after regenerations.
  • How to diagnose drivability issues when no DTCs are present:  Participants will learn how to test AFR, O2, MAF and knock sensors using special tests and viewing datastream to repair drivability issues.

All webinar attendees will be eligible to enter a giveaway to win one of 5 OTC 6508 Master Disconnect Tool Set and a 3210 Diagnostic Tool Combo.

Leading the webinar will be Duane ‘Doc’ Watson, a field sales trainer who specializes in electronics and vehicle diagnostics; Frank Ranken, a field technical sales specialist with an extensive technology representative background; and Steve Zack, a technical training instructor with nearly 25 years of experience in electronics and diagnostics.

To register for the complimentary webinar, visit http://bit.ly/2bQbzY5.

For more information on OTC tools, visit www.OTCTools.com.