Omni United offers Ring of Hope

Sept. 13, 2012

Omni United Pte. Ltd. reports more than 1,200 tire retailers and distributors have committed to participate in its 2012 Mobilizing Hope fund-raising campaign.

The campaign is in support of its partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and its fight against breast cancer. Omni United has pledged a minimum $250,000 donation, but aims to raise $1 million with the support from its dealers and distributors. To meet this goal, the company will donate $1 for every four tires sold across any of its Radar branded tire lines internationally.

The Ring of Hope tire is a key aspect of the campaign. This limited edition tire features a pink sidewall to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness and prevention. The Ring of Hope tire will be available at participating retailers nationwide starting Oct. 1 thru Oct. 31, 2012.

Additionally, Omni United is launching a zip code-based search feature on its website (, which allows consumers to identify the participating retailers in their local area. "Omni United is delighted to support BCRF in the fight against breast cancer. This is only possible thanks to the on-going support and dedication from our retailer and distribution partners who make our tires available to the public. We are honored to be business partners with companies of this caliber, and we are grateful for their contributions to the Mobilizing Hope campaign," says G.S. Sareen, CEO and president of Omni United. 

The BCRF Omni United partnership promotes key goals of both organizations. "It was always the vision of Evelyn Lauder, BCRF founder, to extend the message of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation both internationally and into traditionally male-oriented industries. Our partnership with Omni United accomplishes both of these goals. We are very grateful to be aligned with Omni United," says Myra Biblowit, BCRF president. "The funds raised through the 2011 Mobilizing Hope campaign are deeply appreciated and will fully fund one BCRF research grant this October. Omni United's continued involvement is a testament to their commitment and values."

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