DSP presents workshop on improving profits

Dec. 4, 2013

Dealer Strategic Planning, Inc. (DSP) announced that 15 current 20 Group members attended a special one-day workshop to improve store profitability led by Norm Gaither, DSP owner. 

The “Improving Bottom Line Profits” workshop has helped thousands of dealers throughout North America realize more profits by understanding their financials and making small incremental changes to their business.

Joe Matlock of Matlock Tire Service in Lenoir City, Tenn., attended the workshop along with several of his key managers.  “We have learned countless fundamental principles during our time with the Twenty Group. The only issue we've had was communicating those principles to our staff and management. This financial seminar was exactly what we needed because it allowed our people to learn and practice those principles first hand and to see what can be accomplished by implementing these principles."

Bob Harvey, national service trainer for Tire Pros, attended this one-day workshop. “I have been a part of similar presentations and while they were informative, they did not dig into the realities of understanding and living with the numbers in as effective a manner as your workshop.

“Using scenarios that all the owners, managers and I have lived through or are currently experiencing, it became excruciatingly clear why it is so important to monitor your numbers. Using your benchmark percentages to guide us through the dealer’s P&L statements we easily were able to create a budget that will make any dealer become more profitable and able to reach realistic goals,” he says.

“Every time I can help just one dealer understand how important is it to work “on” his business instead of “in” his business, it solidifies my commitment to this challenge,” says Gaither.

“Too many dealers are caught behind the counter and don’t take the time to analyze their financial results.  This workshop simplifies the numbers and helps dealers understand what changes they need to make to get the results they want from their business.”

DSP offers tire and automotive service dealers the opportunity to share best practices, benchmark against the industry and improve financial performance.

For more information, contact:  Pat Brown, VP Marketing, 419-420-5915 or [email protected] or Paul Chizeck, 910-409-7293 or [email protected].