Dunlop Signature HP all-season tire debuts

Jan. 26, 2015

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has unveiled its latest Dunlop high-performance all-season tire -- the Signature HP.

The newest addition to the Dunlop Signature line of consumer tires, the Signature HP offers all-season traction, responsive handling and efficient, long-lasting wear for many of today’s most popular luxury and performance vehicles, the company says.

“The Dunlop Signature HP is a perfect choice for drivers who want both power and control at their fingertips,” says Julie Manson, Dunlop performance brand manager. “With its stylish design and all-season performance, drivers can confidently experience the thrill of the road any time of the year.”

The Dunlop Signature HP features a number of technologies, including:

* an asymmetric tread design for optimum all-season handling on wet and dry roads;

* circumferential grooves that help channel water, slush and snow away from the tread for enhanced traction;

* an innovative blade tread pattern for long-lasting traction to enhance turning in snow and on ice;

* contoured edges that reduce noise and enhance tread life; and

* a rim guard that helps protect wheels from curb damage.

It will be offered in 30 popular V and W speed-rated sizes, ranging from 16- to 19-inch wheel diameters.

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