Gallagher Tire revamps website and eStore

Feb. 17, 2015

Gallagher Tire Inc., a family-owned and operated specialty tire wholesaler, is revealing its redesigned website and eStore. The website has been designed to deliver the best user experience possible through improved navigation and functionality.

The goal is to provide the current customer base with a website that has a familiar feel while incorporating a fresh, professional makeover to satisfy the savviest web users. Gallagher Tire recruited Aldrich Web Solutions to build a site from the ground-up to deliver a more cohesive, better looking, and more effective web experience at Additionally, the website and eStore have been optimized for mobile devices to offer the shopper in-the-field the same benefits of a fast, simple online ordering process.

“Ecommerce is an integral and continuously evolving aspect of our business,” says Michael Picozzi, vice president of sales and marketing for Gallagher Tire. “Tire dealers expect a seamless and intuitive shopping experience, so our objective is to provide them with a platform that excels in every aspect. This website truly sets us apart from other specialty tire wholesale distributors.”

Gallagher’s returning customers will appreciate three enhanced areas of the site. First, the search engine is built for speed, and capable of searching over 1 million records in under 0.3 seconds. Secondly, users can now easily access much richer information, including detailed product descriptions and specifications. Lastly, a completely overhauled and simplified check-out system breaks the process up into three easy to follow steps.

In addition to these major improvements, users will notice other new features such as the enhanced product filtering system, order uploading function, and live Hhelp chat.

Visitors of the new e-Store are invited to provide feedback of their new website experience by posting comments on Gallagher Tire’s Facebook page.