New sizes added to Roadtour line

April 15, 2015

Hercules Tire and Rubber Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Tire Distributors Inc., reports Roadtour brand tires are now available in seven new sizes.

The RoadtourXUV, engineered specifically for CUVs, features options ranging from 16 to 19 inches, with a limited mileage warranty up 60,000 miles. Size additions include:

* 235/55R19 XL 105H

* 265/60R18 110T

* 235/60R18 XL 107H

* 255/55R18 XL 109H

“Our Roadtour products are very popular with our dealers because consumers can easily understand the long list of benefits they get from the tire,” says Steven Liu, director of consumer product marketing for Hercules Tires. “Plus, there’s excellent profit potential with the product and our dealers can feel confident that their customers will be returning for another set of Hercules Tires.”

The Hercules Roadtour655 will now include a total of 38 SKUs with the addition of the following sizes: 

* 225/65R16 100T

* 205/65R16 95H

* 195/55R16 87V

The Roadtour655 line up offers V-, H-, T- and S-rated options with 14- to 17-inch rim diameters and up to 60,000 miles limited warranty protection. Both the Roadtour655 and the RoadtourXUV have road hazard protection and are part of the 30-day trust our ride test drive.

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