Countrywide's president buys the company

April 22, 2015

Chad Isaacs has purchased Countrywide Tire and Rubber Inc., an international wholesale distributor of tires, inner tubes and wheels.

Countrywide has a long history of distributing quality products with matching service in the specialty tire industry. The company was established in 1976 by Bob Stone and Ben Broder. The men served as co-owners and co-CEOs and have sold the business to Isaacs, who has spent 16 years with the company.

Isaacs began his career at Countrywide in 1998, excelling through the operations division, resulting in a promotion to president in 2006. He now will add CEO to his title.

“I am incredibly excited to purchase a company with 39 years of history in the specialty tire and inner tube industry," Isaacs says. "I am confident that my commitment to excellence in customer service, innovations, and high quality products will help carry on the legacy of quality this company was built on."

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