Hello again! Stamford promotes Sumo Akina

May 14, 2015

Singapore-based Stamford Tyres Corp. intends to reintroduce its Sumo Akina line in North America in a big way. The company is already promoting the new Akina ST-07 passenger car tire.

The Akina name may be familiar to some tire dealers; it was sold in the United States several years ago.

The Akina ST-02 tread pattern has a number of important features and benefits, including the following:

* an innovative and eco-orientated tread design, which optimizes superior handling performance as well as efficient water drainage action;

* four wide grooves that work together with lateral slots and sipes to maximize traction on wet roads;

* curved sipes that provide an optimum balance of wet grip, noise reduction and increased tread wear;

* a rigid center rib that ensures even safer and even more responsive handling.

The Akina ST-07 is currently available in T-, H- or V-rated sizes from 165/65R13 to 225/60R1613. Stamford Tyres is looking to appoint regional distributors for the line.

Stamford is also offering the Akina SV053, an SUV tire manufactured in Thailand. It is available in 11 sizes ranging from 185R14C through to 225/75R16C.

For additional details on the full Sumo Akina lines, visit www.sumotyres.com.