Jury is out on LT tire sales

July 2, 2015

Economists are calling for 2015 to be a year of big construction, and at least one tire dealer says his business is booming as a result.

Jason Burhenn, general manager of Tire Dealers Warehouse in Wichita, Kan., says construction crews are working all around him.

“It’s booming here again in Wichita and around the state for sure,” Burhenn says. The wholesale operation has customers across all of Kansas and does some business in adjoining states. Burhenn says commercial light truck tires are big sellers.

“A lot of the dealers I sell to, it’s their biggest account. The LT stuff, they want the heaviest tire they can get a hold of with three-ply sidewall technology,” Burhenn says. “Sales have got to be up 70% in the last five years.”

But not all dealers are seeing the same growth. To read more of what dealers had to say about commercial LT tire sales, read this story from our June edition. Comb through the entire digital edition here.