Michelin luxury tire produced with sunflower oil

Jan. 26, 2011

Michelin North America Inc.’s recently launched Primacy MXM4 luxury passenger tire incorporates oleic oil derived from sunflowers into its formulation. The oil, which is used in Michelin’s helio compound technology, allows the tire to maintain its edge in wet and snowy weather while still delivering safety, all-weather handling, ride quality and comfort, according to the company.

“Farmers don’t necessarily think about tire manufacturers as an end user when they plant sunflowers,” said Michael Burroughes, director of marketing for ag tires, Michelin North America. “The incorporation of sunflower oil to enhance traction on the passenger vehicle tire side is another example of how Michelin as a company continues to invest in research and technology to improve tire innovation.”

Michelin says that by utilizing the technologically advanced Helio Compound made with the oil from specific types of sunflowers, the Primacy MXM4 tire increases traction at low temperatures for braking and handling in wet conditions and has better overall performance in the snow.

 “While in July 2010 the Michelin passenger business introduced tires using sunflower oil that helps to stop more quickly, on the ag side we introduced an important innovation in our new sprayer tire, the Michelin SprayBib,” Burroughes said. “The Michelin SprayBib is the industry’s only VF-class sprayer tire and the only tire in its class to be able to carry 14,330 pounds at 40 mph.“