ASA is now value-added reseller of Activant ISE

May 2, 2011

Software systems provider ASA Tire Systems is now a value-added reseller of the Activant Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) solution. The Web-based technology helps tire dealers increase their share of the automotive service and repair market.

“With the integration of the Activant ISE software with our TireMaster and TreadX systems, we are providing best-in-class, turn-key solutions for dealers who want to aggressively pursue growth in the auto service and repair market,” says Ken Halle, president of ASA Tire Systems. “Tire dealers can now depend on ASA to help them expand their businesses beyond tires with technologies that drive sales, efficiency, customer satisfaction and ROI.”

ASA Tire is working with North American tire dealers to offer the Activant ISE system as an integrated feature of the TireMaster and TreadX business platforms. The system enables users to quickly capture the parts and labor information needed to estimate and complete common automotive repair jobs.

The software provides one-click access to Activant’s database of 8 million parts covering 400 million applications. It also serves as an aftermarket flat-rate labor guide, repair jobs database, interchange and VIN decoder. All parts, labor and supplier pricing information is then automatically imported to the user’s ASA system for fast, accurate estimates, work orders and invoices.

“We have worked very closely with ASA in integrating the ISE software for a truly comprehensive business solution for tire dealers,” says Activant Executive Vice President Paul Salsgiver. “Dealers can now partner with ASA to drive long-term growth in a broad range of non-tire categories.”

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