1Q tire sales results are in. How did you fare?

May 2, 2011

With one quarter in the books, how is your business performing in 2011? To find out, compare your numbers with those from your fellow independent tire dealers.

"How do we do that?" you may ask.

Modern Tire Dealer's "Exclusive State-of-the-Industry Survey" for the first quarter will give you benchmarks to which you can compare your own numbers. It doesn't matter whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, the survey will have what you need!

To get a sneak peak at the results -- and to get a copy of the survey, read Editor Bob Ulrich's latest blog, "Are tire sales up or down after 1Q? Our survey reveals all." Ulrich also compares 1Q 2011 numbers with 1Q 2010 numbers.

What do you think of the numbers? Let us know by leaving a comment!