Dealer text message marketing from WECnology

July 12, 2011

WECnology LLC has added another WECnologist to its growing list of preferred partners. MobiDitto, a provider of turnkey solutions for enhanced text message marketing, has partnered with WECnology to allow tire dealers to create profitable text messaging campaigns based on VIP and Loyalty Club membership programs.

WECnology says that what makes the MobiDitto product "enhanced" is that it includes cell phone-delivered color bar code coupons, pay-now-get-later offers (ala Groupon and others), digital "punch card" systems where the customer's phone is the "card" and customer reminder services to keep customers aware of appointments or scheduled services.

“For reaching today’s consumers, text message marketing is reported to be 10 times more effective than newspaper ads and five times more effective than direct mail,” says WECnology President and CEO Wayne Croswell. “Tire dealers need to first understand what this new powerful marketing methodology is and then embrace it and incorporate it into their existing marketing strategy. Text message marketing is a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool for tire dealers. I am excited to be partnering with MobiDitto, a true pioneer in the use of technology in marketing.”

“Our products have been extremely successful in other markets with companies like Panera Bread, major colleges and universities, professional sports teams, and food retailers like Subway and McDonalds,” says Jim Richardson, Chief Marketing Officer for PowerText Pro. “We know that this product will provide an extremely attractive ROI for any tire dealer who implements it.”

To learn more contact WECnology at [email protected]. To sign up and take advantage of a limited-time free trial subscription, visit