Tirerack.com is featured in a new film, '25 Hill'

July 21, 2011

The Tire Rack will be featured in the film “25 Hill,” written, produced and directed by Corbin Bernsen. Tire Rack is partnering with the film's producers to help revive interest in the 75-year-old All-American Soap Box Derby, which is based in Akron, Ohio.

The film recently premiered in Akron, where some of the scene's were filmed.

“The Soap Box Derby has been called the ‘Greatest Amateur Racing Event in the World’ and the ‘Gravity Grand Prix,’ says Matt Edmonds, vice president of Tire Rack. "However they are known, soap box derbies have been popular among all generations of Americans since 1933.

"We love the concept and message of the movie, and believe it is important to help support and save a beloved tradition of one of the best demonstrations of American ingenuity.”

In the film, tirerack.com is sponsoring the soap box racer driven by main character Trey Caldwell’s nemesis, Kate Slater. Tire Rack also plans to promote the movie and support its cause locally and nationally through its connection with automotive enthusiasts.

Set against the rolling hills of Taft, Calif., "25 Hill" tells the story of Caldwell, a 12-year-old who receives a soap box derby car kit as a Christmas gift from his father. He explores his father’s love affair with the pastime, which ultimately sparks a journey of self discovery and purpose for Trey and his young co-stars.

Bernsen decided he could do something to save the nearly Akron-based youth racing league after reading a "USA Today" article about the financial difficulties of the All-American Soap Box Derby.

“This fantastic tradition has been with us for 75 years and is on the brink of extinction; we can’t let that happen,” says Bernsen. “The fact is, we are too young of a country to abandon the few traditions we have left and we must preserve our past.

"The All-American Soap Box Derby takes us back to a time, yes, perhaps ‘better days,’ where we still honored simple notions that we now take for granted.”

For information about Tire Rack’s role in “25 Hill,” please visit www.tirerack.com. For information about “25 Hill,” including national and community initiatives, please visit www.25Hill.com.