Volkswagen meets Challenge on Continental tires

July 26, 2011

Results from the Panamericana Endurance Challenge already have been posted (click here). The world record set by Rainer Zietlow and his team was announced by 3M Co., which  sponsored the vehicle, even supplying it with lead-free wheel weights.

But if you look closely at the picture provided with the previous item, you will notice the tire brand the record-setting vehicle rode on -- Continental.

The 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Clean Diesel SUV was equipped with Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology tires. The trip from Ushuaia, Argentina, to Deadhorse, Alaska, took less than 12 days.

Zietlow, a celebrated off-road racer, and his Challenge4 teammates, Carlos Fernandez and Marius Biela, switched off driving throughout the journey, making no stops to sleep.

"This was a debut event for the CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology, and it proves to our engineers who have worked so hard to perfect this tire that it's been a true success," says Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire the Americas LLC. "We're dedicated to improving fuel-efficiency, safety and durability -- and that's exactly what we've done here."

The new CrossContact LX20 officially will be launched in August. It is a premium all-season tire, "developed to deliver improved fuel economy and tread wear," reduce harmful CO2 emissions, and provide a smooth and comfortable ride, according to the company. The tire also is backed by 70,000-mile limited warranty and a 12-month free replacement policy.

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