New TRIB videos teach the value of retreads

Sept. 8, 2011

The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) has launched two new video sites on the Web. The group now has a dedicated channel on YouTube, and its own video section on TRIB's Web site at

Each site contains three videos designed to educate the public, fleet managers, and truckers about the economic and environmental benefits of retreaded tires. The videos are also designed to correct the misconception that retreaded tires cause rubber on the road.

The videos include: a tour that takes viewers inside a modern retread plant to better understand the process for retreading tires. It also has a video of testimonials from fleet managers in the state of California who have been using retreaded tires with great success (including fire and school bus fleets), and a video that explains the true causes of rubber on the roads.

"We normally display these videos at trade show events or send them out as DVDs, but these new Web pages give us a great opportunity to educate a larger portion of the public about the benefits of retreaded tires" says TRIB Managing Director David Stevens. "Not only do they let people hear directly from the manufacturers and users of retreaded tires, but they also directly address the misconceptions people have about the causes of rubber on the road."

The two new Web pages can be viewed here: TRIB's YouTube page -; TRIB's video page -