Hakka 7 is the winter winner in Quebec

Dec. 3, 2011

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 may be the best snow tire on the market. So says "La Presse," Quebec's French Canadian daily newspaper.

In its annual winter tire test conducted in the fall, the newpaper ranked the "Hakka 7" number one for its traction, grip and reliability. It beat out the runnerup Michelin X Ice 2. Finishing third through fifth were the Bridgestone WS-70, Toyo Observe GSi5 and Continental ExtremeWeatherContact, respectively.

“The small Scandinavian manufacturer did its homework right and ends up again on top of the podium with its new Hakka 7, with no studs,” wrote the judges. “There is also a factory-studded version that will make you even happier.

"The Hakka 7 is an excellent performer in all categories and provides a real sense of security. Its unidirectional tread features a lot of technology that enhances the grip and longevity.”

Here are the rankings and overall scores.

Rank   Manufacturer/brand (score in parentheses)

  1      Nokian Hakkapeliitta7 (88)

  2      Michelin X Ice 2 (86)

  3      Bridgestone WS-70 (85)

  4      Toyo Observe GSi5 (84)

  5      Continental Extreme Weather Contact (83)

  6      Goodyear Ice Grip WRT (81)

  7      Yokohama IG 20 (80)

  8      Pirelli Winter Carving Edge (77)

  9      General Altimax Arctic (76)

10      Evergreen EW 62 (72)

The Hakkapeliitta 7 also placed first in a studded tire test conducted by "Vi Bilägare," the largest car magazine in Sweden. In a test by another Swedish magazine, "Aftonbladet BIL," it finished in second place.

"Norwegian Motor" magazine ranked the Nokian Hakkapeliitta second best, while the Finnish car magazine "Tuuilasi" awarded the tire top honors.

Nokian Tyres Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Nokian Tyres PLC. For more information on the Hakka 7 and other Nokian products, visit www.nokiantires.com.