Dealer Tire Makes a 'Significant Investment' in Simple Tire

May 9, 2018

Two companies that have disrupted the tire industry in their own ways are partnering. Dealer Tire LLC says it is making "a significant investment" in Simple Tire LLC.

Dealer Tire is the Cleveland-based company that since 1999 has served as a national tire dealer and distributor to car dealerships from a network of 39 distribution centers. Simple Tire is the six-year-old business born in Philadelphia that links existing tire dealers into a nationwide e-commerce platform.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"The business of selling tires continues to evolve," says Scott Mueller, partner and CEO of Dealer Tire. "We've built our business by consistently driving innovation in the tire distribution business and by providing automotive dealers with the tools and services they need to be successful selling tires. While our core business remains focused on supporting the dealer channel and our OEM customers, our investment in SimpleTire is part of our effort to continue bringing innovation and technology to the tire industry."

Brothers Andy and Josh Chalofsky developed the concept for SimpleTire while working in their family's brick and mortar tire store, along with their business partner Kenny Pratt. All three founders will continue to lead the company.

"Dealer Tire has built its business by developing an innovative position in the tire industry focusing on the OEM dealer channel," says SimpleTire CEO Andy Chalofsky. "Likewise, we've built our business by driving innovation in the growing e-commerce channel. We're confident this investment will help both companies, our customers and our suppliers continue to grow and evolve."

"We've developed strong core expertise in logistics, technology, merchandising, marketing and more," says Mueller. "We will leverage our expertise and SimpleTire's capabilities to create new opportunities for both companies. And as we move into our second century in the tire business, investments in companies like SimpleTire and Tyrata ensure that we remain an innovative leader in the tire industry's ever-changing landscape."

(Tryata Inc. develops sensors and systems that monitor tread wear in real time.)

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