Continental Recalls 3,917 Conti Coach HA3 Tires in the U.S.

July 2, 2018

Continental Tire the Americas LLC is recalling 3,917 commercial truck tires in the U.S. The Conti Coach HA3 tires in size 315/80R22.5 157/154 L were produced between Aug. 27, 2017, and April 28, 2018.

In North America the recall extends to 5,356 tires — the 3,917 in the U.S., plus 61 in Canada and 1,378 in Mexico.

Continental says the tires may experience air penetration through the inner liner, which could result in a bulge or blister in the sidewall. With continued use, the tires could experience slow or sudden air loss, which could result in loss of control of the vehicle. These tires may have cords visible through the inner liner.

Continental says it has not received any reports of accidents or injuries as a result of the condition.

The tires can be identified with these Department of Transportation (DOT) codes: A372KWUU 3517 through A372KWUU 1618.

Continental will notify consumers who are identified as having purchased the tires in the replacement market. (The tires were sold as both original equipment and replacement products.) Consumers will be directed to contact the dealer where the tire purchase was made to schedule an appointment for replacement.

Tire distributors are asked to forward this information to all of their locations and dealer customers. Dealers are asked to review their sales records for consumers who purchased the subject tires. If consumers are identified, call the CVT Warranty Center at 1-800-726-7113 with the following information:

  • consumer name, address and phone number;
  • quantity of subject tires sold to that consumer;
  • tire name, size and DOT serial number; and
  • date of tire sale.

Continental then will notify the consumers.

Dealers should replace the subject tires with replacement tires of the same size and service description as the 315/80R22.5 Conti Coach HA3 LI 157/154 LR L with a non-affected DOT week, or 315/80R22.5 HSR2 SA of any production date. Alternatively, replacements could be an equivalent steer tire in Load Range L.

Continental authorized dealers should order replacement Continental tires through their inside sales representative at 1-800-831-0181.

If the consumer has already replaced a tire included in this recall, and if that consumer seeks reimbursement, refer them to and click on tools, the download center, and type “recall” in the search bar. Dealers also can contact the Warranty Center at 1-800-726-7113 for assistance.

All removed tires must be returned to the Mt. Vernon Warranty Center at  12086 East Illinois Highway 148, Mt Vernon, Ill. 62864, by contacting Old Dominion at 1-866-750-9533 and using RWA RECALL.

The tires should be rendered unserviceable by cutting a radial slice through the sidewall prior to storage or shipping.

All tires that are identified as included in this program must be returned to CTA. Credit will only be issued once the recall tires have been received, inspected and verified.

Tire distributors should check their on-hand tire inventory for the subject tires and return the products to Continental.

Here are the special instructions for handling distributor returns:

The distributor returning tires subject to this recall program is to ship these tires separately from normal warranty returns. (Note: for normal warranty returns continue to follow all current procedures). Attach a copy of the CTA Limited Warranty Claim Form (2469V) to each tire or complete the claim electronically using the Online warranty system available on Contilink found on Indicate “Safety Campaign” in the Reason for Removal field.

The distributor returning tires from inventory is to ship the tires as soon as available, there is no request to collect tires prior to shipping.

Ship via Old Dominion, “Freight Collect” call 1-866-750-9533 (USA only) to schedule a pick up, using RWA “RECALL”.

On the Bill of Lading indicate shipment terms of “Freight Collect”. CTA will be billed for the freight charges. Please remember to verify the tire count before signing the Bill of Lading.

Stipulate on the Bill of Lading “scrap rubber tires – freight class 60”, and “actual value not exceeding $1.00 per pound”.

Ship tires to: Continental Warranty Center, 12086 East Illinois Highway 148, Mt Vernon, Ill. 62864.

Owners also may contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at  1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to