BKT unveils two tires, farming survey at EIMA

Nov. 17, 2014

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) and its Italian distributor Univergomma unveiled two tires and showcased additional products at the 2014 International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition (EIMA) Nov. 12-16 in Bologna, Italy.

The Ridemax FL 693 M is a radial tire for those who frequently travel on the road with trailers or tank trucks. Designed for mainly on-the-road use, Ridemax FL 693 M combines performance with self-cleaning features. It allows for higher speeds on the road, with low rolling resistance, which provides for lower fuel consumption, BKT says.

Ridemax FL 698 also made its debut at EIMA 2014. This all steel radial tire is designed for road usage achieving speeds of 80 km/h and is the tire for dumpers traveling from pits to sites, such as tank trucks and manure spreaders. The tire's structure allows for increased load capacity and resistance.

BKT also showcased these tire lines: Agrimax Force, Agrimax Teris, Agrimax RT 945, Agrimax Spargo and Multimax MP 522.

Agrimax Force is a radial tire for high-power tractors over 250 HP. The tire combines major load capacity with lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. The large footprint area on the ground, along with the special lug design, provides better traction.

For reaping and harvesting operations, BKT developed the radial tire Agrimax Teris. This lineup features excellent flotation and high load capacity. Agrimax Teris also features a special sidewall protection for increased resistance.

For sprayer and row crop applications, BKT's Agrimax RT 945 and Agrimax Spargo feature decreased tread width, which enables farming equipment to pass between rows without damaging crops.

The Multimax MP 522 is designed with a reinforced bead and a steel-belted casing, which ensures optimum resistance against punctures. The result is a longer tire life and improved load capacity with stability, BKT says.

BKT also is the sponsor of a survey on the state and future of contract farming in Italy. “Outsourcing as a key element of competitiveness for Italian agriculture” was presented Nov. 13  during EIMA 2014. Contract farmers are key figures within agricultural segment since they own many pieces of machinery.

For more information about BKT, visit www.bkt-tires.com.