7 Duraturn Brand Consumer Tires Gain Mileage Warranties

March 28, 2016

YC Rubber Co. (North America) LLC has added limited mileage warranties to seven Duraturn brand passenger car and light truck tires.

The warranties include 70,000 miles on the premium Mozzo Touring tire and 60,000 miles on the Travia H/T all-season tire for crossover and sport utility vehicles.

The company is also offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on the premium Mozzo Touring and Travia H/T tire lines.  If buyers are not completely satisfied with their Mozzo Touring or Travia H/T tires, they can be returned to the original location of purchase within 30 days or the first 500 miles, whichever comes first. The dealer will replace the tires or refund the purchase price to the consumer including refunding mounting and balance charges.

“Our comprehensive warranty program will give tire dealers a strong selling tool and provide confidence to consumers to give Duraturn a try,” says Ken Coltrane, vice president of Duraturn Tires. “We’re confident that first-time Duraturn buyers will discover the meaning of our tagline  ‘extraordinary tires at any price’ and many will become repeat customers.”

The warranty is valid for tires purchased and operated in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

Descriptions of the Duraturn steel-belted passenger car and light truck tires now backed by limited mileage warranties follow.

Mozzo Touring (70,000 miles) – Designed for today’s more popular sedans and crossovers, this premium all-season touring tire delivers excellent gripping power in wet and dry conditions and is available in 25 T, H and V speed-rated sizes, according to the company. Variable tread blocks in the shoulder and optimized tread blocks across the tread footprint contribute to a smooth and quiet ride.

Mozzo 4S+ (50,000 miles) – A wider sized tire for passenger cars and minivans, the Mozzo 4S+ provides outstanding steering response and superior performance in both wet and dry conditions. It is available in 24 sizes with a range of speed ratings from T to W.

Mozzo STX (50,000 miles) – With 20 sizes from 20-inch to 26-inch (in V and W speed ratings), this sport truck tire provides a custom look for SUVs and pickups, along with outstanding water evacuation facilitated by wide circumferential grooves and crisp steering response delivered by a solid center rib, according to the company. The symmetrical design makes tire rotation easier, helping to extend tire life.

Mozzo Sport (50,000 miles) – Engineered for today’s mid-level sports sedans and coupes, this performance tire features a double nylon spiral wrap technology to resist the effects of heat build-up and to maintain uniformity for a smooth ride. It is available in a total of 40 W and Y speed rated sizes.

Mozzo 4S (45,000 miles) – Available in 45 sizes (in speed ratings S to V) for compact and mid-size passenger sedans, coupes or minivans, the Mozzo 4S delivers great value for consumers who want all-around performance in both wet and dry conditions, combined with a smooth, quiet ride and solid handling, according to the company.

Travia H/T (60,000 miles) – A premium CUV/SUV all-season tire, the Travia H/T delivers increased traction through multiple zig zag sipes in the tread blocks and a full nylon spiral wrap cap ply for uniformity and resistance to heat buildup. It is available in 26 popular sizes.

Travia A/T (50,000 miles) – Available in 25 sizes, this premium on and off-road light truck tire combines a five-rib tread design for longer wear on the road with specially designed tread blocks for extra traction in off-road conditions. The company says cleaning bars within the tread design help to keep the tread area clean from mud and debris.

Duraturn also warrants that every new Duraturn consumer tire is free from defects in workmanship or material for five years from the date of manufacture (DOT code) through the life of the original tread of a new tire less 2/32-inch of tread depth.

Duraturn consumer tires are marketed and sold exclusively throughout North America by YC Rubber Co. (North America) LLC, which is headquartered in Pasadena, Calif.

Duraturn tires are manufactured passenger tire plant built in Xian, China, in 2014.  The company says it adheres to international ISO/TS 16949 quality standards and focuses on designing product lines that meet consumer needs worldwide while delivering low rolling resistance and higher fuel savings. For more information, visit www.duraturntires.com.