Camso Unveils New Naming System for Construction Tires and Tracks

June 6, 2016

Camso Inc., formerly Camoplast Solideal, is using a simplified naming strategy for its construction and industrial tire products with the goal of helping dealers and end users more easily identify the right tire for every application.

Since the launch of the Camso brand in July of 2015, the company has added a series of next generation skidsteer, telehandler and wheel loader tires to its construction lineup under the Camso brand. It plans to complete the transitioning of the rest of its construction portfolio by the end of 2016.

“It’s been almost a year since we began communicating the Camso brand in our commercial literature. This was a first step in building a strong, coherent brand identity for the company,” says Derek Bradeen, brand and communications global director at Camso. “We did this to generate awareness of the Camso brand without losing the equity of our legacy brands. It’s now time for all of our construction products to carry the Camso name. After all, this is the most tangible way for end users to connect with the performance features of our products in the niches in which they work."

David Fleischhauer, executive director of market development, construction, at Camso, says, “Tire selection in our industry is more difficult than one would think. For us, helping dealers and end users understand tire selection is just as important as engineering a great tire. As we transitioned products to the Camso brand, we wanted to introduce subtle features to make selling and storing tires easier for our clients. We developed a naming sequence to eliminate the complex equation a user must tackle to match their tire with the machine they’re running and the job they need to accomplish."

Camso’s new naming system identifies the brand and machine type, and provides product details. Subcategories include performance level (top, core, or entry), a surface condition classification (soft, hard, mixed, or severe), tread pattern (R1, L5, L4, etc.) and product type (bias, radial, or solid).

Camso also incorporates features related to tire usage and storage:  

A tread wear indicator: Its purpose is to maximize tire life and reduce operating cost by preventing premature tire replacement or failure and downtime from wear out.

On tread naming and size: More often than not, tires are stored vertically, stacked one on top of the other. Reading tire information on a sidewall requires displacement of stacks. Camso’s new naming system is printed directly on the tread pattern to minimize the manipulation of tires in a warehouse.

Dual unit markings: Camso will now include both metric and imperial units on its products to better serve its global clients.

The naming system and new design features will be rolled out on products as they transition to Camso.

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