TreadWright Tires Adds Road Hazard Warranty

Aug. 1, 2016

TreadWright Tires LLC has introduced a 24-month optional road hazard warranty program for all new tire purchases, including LT metric sizes.

The new warranty program provides protection against unforeseen road conditions like potholes, nails, debris, or impact with foreign objects that can lead to premature tire failure.

Combined with TreadWright's industry leading two-year workmanship warranty on all its tires, the company says the new Road Hazard Warranty Certificate will give users the assurance and peace of mind to take their TreadWright tires through any terrain, no matter how tough.

TreadWright uses 70% recycled content and premium brand tire casings for all its tires. The company says this means its products are not only great for the environment, they also cost 40% less than competing brand name tires.

TreadWright says its green manufacturing process produces tires that get 20% more mileage compared to imports to provide a better value and more miles.

TreadWright Tires are 100% made in America in Houston, Texas. With almost 40 years of experience in the tire industry, the company says it produces some of the best, most rugged, and most reliable tires of its class.  

The company says its two-year workmanship warranty on all its tires, which guarantees customers are covered against any defects or errors in the remolding process, leads the industry.

But even the best tires can fail in the face of hazardous road conditions, and that's where the new Road Hazard Warranty Certificate comes in, according to the company.

"TreadWright tires are greener, more American, more rugged than any other tires in its class," says Anthony Showen, CEO. "With this new optional warranty, our customers are not only covered on the manufacturing end with our workmanship warranty, they'll also be covered for anything else the road can throw at them."

TreadWright Tires is a Houston-based light truck and SUV tire manufacturer. Visit the company’s website for more information on the road hazard warranty and workmanship warranty.