TBC Brands Unveils Two All-Terrain Tires

Sept. 7, 2016

TBC Brands LLC is introducing the Sailun Terramax A/T 4S and Trail Guide All Terrain lines in fall 2016. Both lines have earned the RMA Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol indicating superior performance in winter driving conditions.

The Terramax A/T 4S and Trail Guide Terrain will be offered exclusively in the U.S. by TBC Brands. The company says the two LT lines will provide value-seeking consumers with a high-quality, year-round performance product designed to deliver superior on and off road traction for SUVs, pickups and vans.

Highlights of the Terramax A/T 4S and Trail Guide Terrain include:

  • 26 popular metric and LT SKUs covering 16-, 17-, 18- and 20-inch diameters;
  • aggressive all terrain tread design;
  • increased siping, multi-step lugs and low temperature responsive compound to improve comfort with without sacrificing traction;
  • Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) certification; and
  • a 50,000-mile tread wear warranty.

TBC Brands says the new the lines offer dealers a powerful opportunity to drive sales in the popular all terrain segment with a high-value product offering featuring premium performance attributes traditionally found only in higher priced major brand products.

“I’m excited to bring these great new product lines to our customers,” says Jon Vance, vice president of product marketing.

“The Terramax A/T 4S continues our expansion of the TBC exclusive Sailun passenger and light truck program with a great looking and hard-working product that delivers top tier year round performance capability combined with an economical price point that can drive bottom line results. And with the Trail Guide All Terrain, this outstanding value proposition will also be available to dealers outside of the Sailun dealer network.”

Both the Terramax A/T 4S and the Trail Guide All Terrain will be available in October 2016.

For more information, visit www.tbcbrands.com.