CTNA expands Gold Dealer Program

Dec. 5, 2008

Continental Tire North America Inc. (CTNA) is upping the ante with its expanded 2009 Gold Dealer Program. Gold Dealers now can earn up to $8 per tire for selling premium Continental and General brand tires.

Gold Dealers who agree to buy a minimum of 300 units per year are eligible for various awards through the program. "In addition to the quarterly rewards that Gold Dealers receive on all Continental and General purchases, for 2009 (they) are eligible to receive a one-time year-end bonus on all of their 2009 purchases," say CTNA officials.

The program will continue to offer four levels: Gold Elite, Gold Select, Gold Standard and Gold Express. Volume requirements for year-end bonuses are as follows:

* Gold Elite level (dealers who buy 1,800 tires will receive a bonus of $1.25 per tire).

* Gold Select level (1,200 tires with a bonus of $1 a tire).

* Gold Standard level (700 tires with a bonus of 75 cents a tire).

The bonus does not apply to Gold Express dealers.