TGI Has Big Plans for Cosmo Brand in 2024

Nov. 6, 2023
Tire Group International LLC (TGI) is introducing its Cosmo Stray Kat specialty trailer tire and a Cosmo brand EV tire. The company also has introduced its El Jefe Van II, III, IV and V tires.

The Stray Kat trailer tire comes in six different sizes, has a deep tread and provides enhanced lower rolling resistance. This tire is available now.

TGI also is coming out with an EV-compatible tire, the Cosmo Current.

This tire will be available in early-2024 and will be offered in 17 SKUs during its first phase.

The Cosmo Current will be produced with advanced mold technology, including spring-loaded injectors, which will enhance the tires' appearance and overall quality.

It has been engineered to provide "ultra-low rolling resistance" and a smooth, quiet ride, says TGI CEO Tony Gonzalez. 

The tire also features narrower grooves and diagonal sipes to keep road noise down.

In addition, the Cosmo Current features a battery symbol on its tread, which acts as a treadwear indicator that will allow the customer to easily see when the tire needs to be replaced.

The El Jefe Van tires are built with an "innovative tread design" to help in wet and dry conditions. Deep tread depth and reinforced sidewalls allow the tires to have a longer life, according to Gonzalez. 

The new El Jefe tires have earned mud and snow certification, too.

Also coming down the pike in 2024 are the Cosmo Gripit XT tire and the Cosmo Rockit R/T tire.

The Cosmo Rockit R/T has deep tread and grooves to expel rocks and water more easily, among other features.

“This will add close to 35 SKUs to our line," says Gonzalez.

He adds that both the Gosmo Gripit XT and Rockit R/T will be available in early-2024.

All of these products and more are featured on Cosmo Tire’s new website, which went live recently. “Our website is a lot more user-friendly and is focused on the customer experience. We have our tires split into sections for consumers to look through, depending on the type of driving they do.” 

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