Jon Zurcher Joins K&M Tire as Executive VP

April 18, 2024

K&M Tire Inc. has named Jon Zurcher its new executive vice president. Zurcher most recently served as chief operating officer (COO) of Best-One Tire.

“In his new role, Zurcher will play a crucial part in working with the current K&M leadership team to strengthen and continue to build on the company’s strategic plans,” say K&M Tire officials.

“With a wealth of experience in the tire industry, Zurcher brings a dynamic and innovative approach to K&M Tire. His proven track record of leadership and strategic vision will undoubtedly be an asset to the large multi-regional tire distributor.”

K&M Tire President Cheryl Gossard says that "K&M Tire is excited to welcome Jon Zurcher to our executive team. His extensive experience and commitment to continuous improvement makes him an excellent fit for this pivotal role as we continue to evolve and pursue excellence in everything we do."

“Throughout my career, I have admired K&M Tire’s commitment to consistency and obsession (with) quality,” says Zurcher, who had served as COO of Monroe, Ind.-based Best-One Tire for seven years and is the grandson of Best-One Tire founder Paul Zurcher.

“These carry through to the way K&M operates in every manner and are evident by the level of service K&M Tire provides to customers. I am honored to become a part of this team and look forward to making a positive impact to the already exceptionally ran company.”

K&M Tire officials say Zurcher's transition comes “at a strategic time for K&M Tire as the company positions itself for future success, while exploring new opportunities in an ever-changing market.”

I’m stepping out of my current role and will no longer be the COO of Best-One," says Zurcher. "I’m stepping 110% into this new role as executive VP for K&M Tire, so 100% of my time will be spent on K&M Tire, working for Cheryl Gossard.

"One of the things that excited me most about this is being able to work underneath Cheryl. I’ve admired for years and years how Cheryl has operated K&M. I’m going to be coming in as a student, learning the way that K&M is doing things today and... with a set of fresh eyes, looking for ways to get better and have continuous improvement. How can we be better tomorrow than we were yesterday?

"I’ll have different responsibilities. One will relate to (K&M Tire’s) accounting department. A big part of my background within Best-One" centered around finance.

“From there, I’ll be working with K&M’s leadership team to help form (the company’s) strategic direction,” including “building capacity internally in everything we do.” 

Best-One Tire has not named a replacement COO as of press time.