On the Rise: Vahe Michaelian

Nov. 1, 2017

Vahe Michaelian

Warehouse Manager | 1-800EveryRim.com | Age:25

What was your first job in the industry?

I started out preparing wheels for shipment, cleaning, touching up and boxing. Other warehouse duties including checking and sorting wheels and also made delivery runs. 

What attracted you to the industry?

I have an interest in cars and wheels. My uncle, Billy Eordekian,has been involved for many years. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career?

Moving into a position of management and earning the respect of more experienced people. At the same time learning every day how to be better at something I had little experience with. 

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

My uncle has had the biggest influence on my career. He has been involved in the industry his whole life and gave me an opportunity to work. His passion has inspired mine. 

What is your biggest accomplishment in the industry?

I’m currently a board member in the California Tire Dealer's Association.