Bartec Adds 'Significant Coverage' to Rite-Sensor Line

Dec. 12, 2022

Bartec USA LLC has released its third software update of the year. The update "adds significant coverage" for Bartec's Rite-Sensor line, says Mathew Hitchcock, the company's product manager.

The release also "adds new model year tool coverage and increases our already industry-leading ODBII capabilities," enabling "diagnostic functionality for Tesla model cars."

Release 65.0 is for Bartec's older tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) tools, such as Tech400Pro, Tech300Pro and Tech500.

Release 5.0 covers Bartec's TechRITEPro, Tech450Pro, Tech550Pro and Tech600Pro.

Both versions feature enhanced OBDII coverage, as well as additional model year 2023 coverage.

"Bartec tools routinely offer the most TPMS relearns through the OBDII port and with this update," more has been added, according to Bartec officials.