Northwest Tire Dealers to Merge with Auto Care Alliance

Dec. 6, 2022

The Northwest Tire Dealers Association (NWTDA) will marge with the Northwest Auto Care Alliance (NWACA) on Jan. 1. "I am confident that this merger is a great move for our tire dealers and suppliers to maintain the current benefits we offer," says NWTDA Executive Director Dick Nordness.

The merger also will give NWTDA members access to the "extensive programs that the Northwest Auto Care Alliance provides," he adds.

NWACA is a member of the national Auto Care Alliance, a group of regional and state automotive industry trade associations that work together to provide nationwide benefits for its members, while addressing issues that face the industry.

NWACA is based in Seattle, Wash. It hosts a the three-day Automotive Training Expo each spring.

The NWTDA was formed in 2000, when the Washington Tire Dealers Association, which was established in 1939, joined forces with a tire dealer association in Oregon.

Currently, the NWTDA represents around 400 retail tire outlets in Oregon and Washington, plus a few locations in Alaska and Idaho.

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