North Carolina Tire Dealers' Director Reece Hester Retires

Nov. 22, 2022

Reese Hester, longtime executive director of the the North Carolina Tire Dealers Association (NCTDA), has retired from the Automotive Service and Tire Alliance (ASTA) after a 45-year tire industry career.

Hester was the NCTDA's executive director for 17 years.

The NCTDA merged with the Independent Garage Owners Association to form the ASTA in 2021.

In recognition of Hester's 45 years of service, the ASTA has established The Reece Hester ASTA Strive for Excellence Scholarship and already has raised nearly $40,000 for it.

“We made real progress in the establishment of The Reece Hester ASTA Strive for Excellence Scholarship as a testimony to Reece’s impact on the tire and automotive industry,” says Marc Pons, board president of the ASTA.

"This endowed scholarship will be awarded to Wake Tech Automotive Technologies students.

"The ASTA hopes to identify students with exceptional talent, support the next generation of leaders in the aftermarket automotive industry and shine a light on the important contributions that independent tire and auto service businesses bring to their communities.

"This scholarship embodies Reece’s desire to better the tire and automotive industry along with his commitment to excellence."