Snap-on Highlights Tru-Point ADAS System

Nov. 7, 2022

Snap-on Inc. highlighted its Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solution at last week's Specialty Equipment Market Association Show.

Tru-Point can check if a vehicle meets the original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) specifications by creating a three-dimensional model of the vehicle and its surroundings.  

“The system not only checks the ADAS-related alignment values, but it also monitors each step of the setup procedure - making sure that the process was completed to meet OEM safety specifications,” says Snap-on officials.  

All information is shown on a digital touchscreen.

Tru-Point also prints out a report as evidence for technicians to double-check.  

The system compensates for the vehicle's location and measures the height of the targets from the tire contact patch on all four wheels, rather than the height of the vehicle itself. 

Other features of the Tru-Point system include two wheel chocks, AC400 clamps, a vehicle information number scanner and a 12-month warrant for parts and labor.