Ken Tool Promotes Torque Wrench Kits, More at SEMA Show

Nov. 1, 2022

Torque wrench kits, tire inflators and other tire service tools are on display at Ken Tool's Specialty Equipment Market Association Show exhibit this week.

Ken Tool’s torque wrench line consists of two kits - a two-piece torque wrench kit with a 3/4-inch drive and the two-piece torque wrench kit with a one-inch drive.  

Doug Lee, account sales manager, Ken Tool, says the new torque wrench is different from others because it shows the technician torque levels instead of just making a clicking noise 

Ken Tool also is showcasing its hand-held tire inflator with an auto inflator and and an "over-pressure" setting.

If tire pressure is less than 80% of the desired tire pressure, the tire will not auto-inflate,” says Lee.  

Also on display this week, Ken Tool’s Rust Rhino is a hub cleaner that was designed to quickly clean the lug stud anmating surfaces of truck wheel components.