Values Guide the Way for Dunlap & Kyle

Sept. 14, 2022

Dunlap & Kyle Co. Inc. is building a workplace culture that appeals to the modern workforce. One part of that has included establishing a list of company values. Dunlap & Kyle leans on these values while working on its goal of becoming the most dependable company in America:

Go big. Our customers depend on us stretching ourselves in service and innovation. If you have big dreams, let us help you achieve those. If you go  big, we can go big.

Champion your customer.  We’re here because of our customers — both internal customers and external customers. While we believe in what we do and how we do it, we are always willing to improve if it serves the customer better or makes us more dependable.

Give a damn. Being the most dependable company means every one of us has to give our best efforts — putting our hearts in our work. Our teams focus on helping each other accomplish our goals, no matter what. We do that by jumping in to help our team members, even when it hurts.

Get your hands dirty. It’s hard to be dependable when we are not willing to put in the hard work. Our teams work hard and work hard together. There is no job beneath us when it comes to serving each other and our customers.

Finish what you start.  We built our reputation for dependability because our people finish what they start. It could be calling a customer back quickly, checking up on a project that stalled or simply finishing a shift with a smile on your face. We finish things.

Choose to trust. It’s easy to assume the worst, but it’s wise to assume the best. Trust is the foundation of a healthy team and healthy teams build dependable companies.

Have their back. Being the most dependable company in America means that we are dependable for each other first. Family ties rarely break and we care for each other with the strength of family. We celebrate together. We hurt together. We move toward the same goals together. All of this for our customer family, too.

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Joy Kopcha | Managing Editor

After more than a dozen years working as a newspaper reporter in Kansas, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, Joy Kopcha joined Modern Tire Dealer as senior editor in 2014. She has covered murder trials, a prison riot and more city council, county commission, and school board meetings than she cares to remember.