North Country Tire Opens D/C in Winnipeg

Aug. 9, 2022

Edmonton, Alberta-based wholesale distributor North Country Tire (NCT) has opened a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The new facility "represents an extension of NCT's commitment to excellence," say NCT officials.

It opened on July 1, which will give customers in Manitoba "the opportunity to evaluate NCT's service in the slower summer months, giving them confidence to rely on consistent deliveries as the industry moves into the winter rush."

"In a supply chain where there are many choices, we know consistency plays a key role in the customer experience," says an NTC representative. 

"Because of that, we want to give Winnipeg customers the chance to test us before the busiest time of the year. We want to earn their trust and demonstrate that we've got their back when it's the experience of their customer (that is) on the line."

NCT was established in 2015 by Cory and Chad Davis. It has warehouses in Calgary, Alberta, plus Langley and Kelowna, British Columbia.