Pirelli Extends Elect EV Tire Line to New Applications

June 27, 2022

Pirelli & Cie SpA says its Pirelli Elect electric vehicle (EV) tire is now widely available for aftermarket and winter applications. Pirelli calls winter tires for EVs "a relatively new, but rapidly growing sector."

"The expansion of Elect tires for the aftermarket comes after the brand has been firmly established as original equipment, with the objective of adapting all the different families of product to the evolution of the market towards electrification," say Pirelli officials.

"The result is the gradual integration of Elect technology into all the P Zero, Cinturato and Scorpion ranges - in summer, all season and winter versions."

Pirelli officials add that "the growing number of electric cars and their increased use during the whole year has made it essential to develop tires for all the different seasons. The Scorpion family for SUVs is particularly relevant as it currently has the greatest number of Elect homologations."

The Pirelli Elect line is designed to enhance EV range, handle "the increased torque of typical electric engines" and support the increased weight of EVs," say company officials, who report that Pirelli has more than 250 "homologations" on electric-powered vehicles worldwide.