Hankook Survey Says Vehicle Owners Are Driving Less

June 14, 2022

Nearly 80% of respondents to Hankook Tire North America's Hankook Tire Gauge Index report that high gas prices are now impacting daily driving.

More than 50% "say that in the last 30 days, they have driven less often as a result of the cost of gas," say Hankook officials.

Meanwhile, "gas prices are also proving a powerful incentive for those considering an electric vehicle."

Twenty-six-percent of respondents to Hankook's survey, which was conducted last month, reported that due to high gas prices, "they plan to purchase an electric vehicle in the future. Further, 51% say less money spent on gas is the most appealing benefit of making the switch.

“After two summers of pandemic-fueled uncertainty, the latest Gauge results show that drivers who are eager to get behind the wheel are facing a new roadblock,” says JJ Park, vice president of marketing, Hankook Tire North America. 

“While we can’t control the price of gas, staying on top of regular vehicle maintenance, including the tires, can help mitigate additional costs along the way and maximize fuel efficiency.”