Cooper Moves Into TireHub Warehouses

May 6, 2022

Less than a year after Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. finalized its purchase of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Cooper products have been added to TireHub LLC warehouses.

Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Rich Kramer made the announcement during the company’s first quarter earnings call on May 6.

Kramer said TireHub started stocking Cooper products in “early April.”

“We’ve started the process of distributing Cooper through TireHub and getting it out to our different retail points. That’s in line with where we wanted to be right now,” he said. “This is taking a product line that serves a different market and we’re being really thoughtful with how we roll that out in the market.”

Kramer said there’s “more work to be done

“We’re also very conscious to keep our products in the channels where they need to be as we continue on with the integration.

“More to come as we think about how our product screen changes over time. But where we are — I’m very confident to tell you is exactly how we planned it. (We're) very pleased with the way it’s going.”

TireHub, which has 71 locations, opened in July 2018 as a joint distribution system between Goodyear and Bridgestone Americas Inc.