Anyline Introduces Tire Size Scanning to Simplify Online Sales

April 20, 2022

Anyline has introduced scanning technology that captures tire size and dimension information from sidewalls and integrates that data into tire dealerships' websites to help simplify the online tire buying process.

Shoppers can "scan their tires using their phone camera to find the right size and specifications for their vehicle," according to Anyline officials.

"Tire e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing revenue channels in the automotive industry. However the difficulty of accurately recording and entering tire data online means that many consumers abandon their purchase due to fear of buying the wrong tires for their vehicle. By integrating tire size scanning into their e-commerce website, tire dealers can reduce cart abandonment and increase online sales."

Tire size scanning is the latest innovation from Anyline, which launched a scanner for mobile devices - working with Discount Tire - in 2021.

"Buying tires online is a challenge for most consumers," says Frederic Baroin, global head of automotive business, Anyline. "They have to know how to 'read' the data on the sidewall, including the width, profile, diameter and speed, and correctly enter this data to find the right tires for them. But with a tire scanner on the website, consumers can simply capture the data with their cell phone camera and auto-fill the information in under a second. This will help tire retailers to improve the experience of existing customers, while also attracting new customers who have not previously bought tires online."

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