Sourcing Auto Parts Will Be Top Challenge, Says IMR Survey

April 19, 2022

Getting auto parts will be the biggest challenge of 2022, say respondents to automotive market research firm IMR Inc.'s latest survey.

In February 2022, IMR interviewed 500 auto service facilities and 35.8% said getting the parts they need is their top concern. 

"When it comes to shops being concerned with finding the parts they need or dealing with parts shortages, only 8.8% of shops with one to three bays noted it as a potential issue, compared with shops that have four to seven bays (38.3%) and shops with eight or more bays (20%)," according to IMR officials.

"For comparison, in 2019 - prior to the pandemic - independent repair shops listed their biggest challenges as finding time for hands-on technician training (42.6%), staying up-to-date with advances in diagnostics (31.6%), keeping up with advances in vehicle technology (31.1%) and finding good, knowledgeable and motivated technicians (29.2%)."

During the height of the pandemic two years ago, "independent repair shops noted their biggest challenges as keeping staff and customers safe (55%), getting customers, keeping the shop running or returning to normal hours (44%), getting parts on time (34%) and getting parts or finding suppliers with parts in stock (29.2%.)"

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